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iStethoscope turns your iPhone into a stethoscope, allowing you to listen to your heatbeat and see your heart waveform, or listen to other quiet sounds around you. As seen on TV around the world! If you prefer to have no adverts and want the spectrogram option, try the professional version of the app: iStethoscope Pro.

Please note that this app is intended to be used for entertainment purposes and as a demonstration of the technology. It is not intended to be used for the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease and should not be used as a medical device. We are working to develop fully certified iPhone apps that may be used as medical devices in the future.

(The free version of the app is only available in some countries.) Developed in collaboration with cardiologist researchers. For best results:

- Use good quality headphones (heart sounds are often too deep to hear using the white earphones).

- Press the microphone in the bottom of an iphone 3G, iphone 3G(S) or iphone 4 to your chest. A good place is the apex of your heart (below your left nipple).

- Place the microphone directly against the skin, not through a shirt.

- Take the iphone out of its protective case if you use one.

With practise you should be able to find a wonderful clear sound. Shake the iphone to hear the last 8 seconds and see a phonocardiograph display and a spectrogram. Press the little envelope and you can email the audio and the spectrogram image to anyone you like! Go to Settings and modify every major setting, including sample rate, audio delay, audio filters and accelerometer update frequency.

WARNING! It takes physicians years to learn how to use stethoscopes correctly and the iphone microphone is smaller than a conventional stethoscope diaphragm. You cannot place the microphone randomly and expect to hear your heart - you must place it very accurately. To hear your heart you must learn where to listen!


Six modes of operation:

·       Mute

·       Heartbeat pure (uses a clean low-pass filter to help 3G iphones work better, and to provide better clarity of sound).

·       Heartbeat filtered (uses filters to enable you to hear your heartbeat clearly)

·       Conversation (uses filters to make voices clearer and other sounds quieter)

·       Clear Sound (minimal filtering to allow you to hear all quiet sounds)

·       Accelerometer (maps G forces to audio to allow you to hear subsonic vibration.)


·       Shake-activated phonocardiograph! (Give the iphone a shake and listen to the last 8 seconds while watching the phonocardiograph display.)

·       Email the audio. (On the phonocardiograph display screen, press the envelope in the corner and email your data. It's also a handy way to store your data locally in a folder of the Mail App.)