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This program has been tested on iPhone 3G running 3.1 software. If you are having problems or want to share your views with the author, you can discuss or ask questions at Peter’s Book Blog:



Who is The Undercover Scientist?

Peter J Bentley is a computer scientist based at University College London and popular science writer. Author of 7 books and this iphone application, check out his latest book which provides a fascinating view of the science behind everyday events: "The Undercover Scientist", available on amazon or in all good book stores.

Check out his website here:

Or his book blog:


General information

Repeated use of the Track amplification function, or recordings of very loud sounds, may damage your equipment or your hearing. You may also generate occasional loud "pops" or "crackles" when overlaying Tracks, as the waveforms may occassionally reinforce each other too much. You are advised to reduce the volume and decrease the amplification of Tracks to prevent this.

Using large numbers of Tracks and/or long Loops will slow down the processing when loading new Tracks or Loops. This is because iLoop handles all audio in uncompressed CD quality, so large amounts of data need to manipulated. You can speed up the processing by using the "Loop to Track" function or by using shorter Loops and Tracks.

iLoop requires at least version 3.0 software, headphones and a microphone. Users of 1G and 2G phones and 2G iPod Touch must use the standard iphone white earphones with in-line microphone. 3G iphones have better microphones so if you own a 3G device you should use standard headphones and the built-in microphone. Users of 1G iPod Touch must plug in an external microphone.

The Undercover Scientist cartoon is copyright Stephanie Clemen 2008.

The iLoop image is copyright Lom 2009.