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iLoop - do you loop?

iLoop is the ultimate iphone multi-track loop generator for Garageband. Perfect for trying out composition ideas, beatboxing, singing, and recording all natural audio around you.

Hearing an amazing natural sound? The crunch of feet on gravel, the rumbling percussion of a train going past, the evening chorus of birds? Visiting a friend who has a new guitar, or a shop with the coolest drum kit? Want to make your own multi-layer beatbox loop and use it for a backing track? Have a new idea for a song and want to try out the harmonies? Now when you're out and you want those perfect sounds - record them, edit them, and make them into a loop with iLoop!


  • overlay an unlimited number of tracks to make your own wall of sound in a Loop
  • email your Loop as a standard CAF file and drag it directly into Garageband, or rename as AIF and play in any audio program.
  • powerful editing: drag tracks to change their position in a Loop, drag start and end points to shorten the sound, drag the end point beyond the recorded length and loop the sound
  • use the adjustable metronome to help get your timing perfect
  • make as many Loops as you like, share tracks between Loops, make variations of your existing tracks and Loops
  • change left/right balance and volume of each track in a Loop, select which tracks should be within your Loops, create longer or shorter Loops with the same tracks
  • special effects: change the speed, filter, and amplify tracks, or merge a Loop to make a new track
  • all tracks and Loops are automatically saved and backed up with your iphone
  • comes with three demo tracks to get you started