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Never again forget the names of people at a meeting or social event. iMeetPeople is the ultimate app for work and social meetings. It links your calendar to your addressbook and shows graphically everyone you are meeting next!

Most events in your Calendar relate to people. You meet them at work, or chat in the evening over a drink. You might have dinner with new friends, or go out for a game of football. Whatever the event, iMeetPeople can help you remember who will be there, their likes and dislikes, even where they are sitting!


  • add people from your address book to your event
  • change their on-screen appearance, add useful comments about them and save the information as notes in your address book
  • the same person looks the same in future events
  • touch each name to show more information about them
  • save the attendees at every meeting in the notes of your calendar
  • reloading the event automatically reloads all the people who will attend
  • change the meeting type from meeting to drinks, to dinner to sports, by touching the tabletop
  • select, add, edit or delete events in the default Calendar
  • handles repeating, all day and normal events
  • add or remove people from the meeting by selecting or adding new contacts from the address book
  • clean all iMeetPeople notes from the calendar and addressbook without losing any data by turning off the save functions