I am an author and computer scientist


I am Dr. Peter J. Bentley

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Is it rational to fear Artificial Intelligence? Debate for European Parliament 2017, introduced and moderated by Stephen Pinker.

BBC Breakfast interview with iStethoscope inventor Peter Bentley 2010. (Also made appearances on BBC 6 o'clock News, Fox, CNN, ABC, etc.)

Inside Science 2016. Interview on AI and AlphaGo. Will the recent advances in AI winning at Go lead to a revolution in AI? (The answer was "yes" but we didn't know then!)

Evolving Robots. Broadcast January 2005 ABC The Science Show. Robyn Williams visited Peter Bentley's laboratory at University College, London to meet an intelligent robot which Dr Bentley claims demonstrates evolution in action.

Natural Technology. Excerpt from 30 minute BBC Radio 4 documentary, broadcast in May 2001:

I'm an active academic and have written more than 300 scientific papers. I am also a science writer for BBC Science Focus Magazine, writing features and regular Q&As on technnology. I sometimes write for a few other publications too, including online sites such as Quora! Once in a while I write a science fiction story, e.g., check out Loop and Memories.

BBC Radio 4's Today Show interview by Nick Robinson broadcast 2015

Dear Darwin. 15 minute BBC 4 radio programme broadcast in January 2009. Written and performed by Peter Bentley.

BBC's Add to Playlist. Broadcast October 2023. Cerys Matthews and Keelen Carew interview Peter Bentley about AI and music (about 9 mins in).

Invited talk for IntelliSys 2018: using computers to model appstores, cancer development, and teamwork.

Invited talk for Rise of AI 2018: what's the world's strongest AI? And what is strong AI anyway..?

TEDxBurmuda talk 2012. Embracing Randomness, from cancer and losing loved ones, to trading, to immune systems, swarm music, iphone apps, evolution, generative design and music, systemic computing.

TEDxUCL 2012. The sound of numbers crunching. From a nail hammered through a laptop, to the differences between our technology and biology, to self-assembling tech using 3D printers and generative design.

Debate on Evolution and Complexity at the Natural History Museum London, 2007. Featuring Richard Dawkins, Lewis Wolpert and Steve Jones. Organised and chaired by Peter Bentley.

Podcast with Rheza Budiono and Chris Tan 2021. Thinking about Thinking. A conversation about evolution, building blocks, intelligence, AI, responsibility and other things.

15 minute meets of Peter Bentley for UCL's AI Centre, 2000. An unconventional career, biological inspirations, Autodesk Research, books.

I'm sometimes invited to give TED talks, keynotes at conferences or chair debates. Sometimes people just want my opinion on something I may know about. Here's a few examples over the years. Technology changes over time but most of my words remain cogent - I hope!


I'm also a regular expert contributor to radio shows, and have once in a while help make entire programmes. Here's a few examples.